Monday, March 31, 2008

Tulibu dibu douchoo

Valentina Hasan has attained worldwide fame. Click on the title to view how she did it.

This is a brilliant example of viral advertising: something that is so amusing, it infects the viewer who will then spread and spread this video to all their friends. I challenge you : watch it and don't tell anyone about it. I bet you can't do that!

The guy who made this video and posted it on YouTube is pure genius. He spotted it, he inserted the Mariah Carey clip, and he put in the amazing subtitles! Brilliant!

The world is now divided into two groups of people : those who know Ken Lee and those who don't. Hahahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Notes from windswept Redang

My husband has gone back to the hotel industry after a 4-year break.

This time, his new challenge is to manage an island resort : He is the new Asst GM of Berjaya Redang, a cosy little resort snugly nestled in the cleavage of a wild tropical jungle. It's on a small bay bravely facing the South China Sea. The winds are wild and restless, journeying from afar, sweeping in to blow away all rational thought from my mind.

The winds are so strong, they tire me. Funny, I was expecting time to slow down into an idyllic langour. Instead, everything seems to be rushing along. Clouds fly in and out, exposing and hiding the sun. A little drizzle turns into rain, which turns into a downpour, and then turns into clear sky all in a heartbeat. So fast!

That's why I've been hiding out in the room whole morning.
Look at this view!

I've been having coffee after coffee on the balcony, just soaking up this glorious panorama (and practising my vocabulary hehehe). Thanks to wifi, blogging and checking in with the office is no problem. My husband, being the committed workaholic that he is has gone away to Kuala Terengganu for the day, meeting with the Jetty Master. Yesterday, he was trekking through the jungle to check on the water catchment area - so exotic!

It's a completely different lifestyle over here.

The islanders are very friendly, very conservative. So strange to see the waitresses with headscarves serving tourists in bikinis.
They are all trained to greet guests in English. Not very fluent but very gungho and disarmingly friendly. There's a joviality that I haven't seen in Langkawi.