Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Awesome Saturday

On Friday evening, Felicia sent me an sms asking if I wanted to join them at the Hot Air Balloon Fair in Putrajaya on Saturday. Although I had errands lined up, I couldn't help but say YES!!!! 

I was so excited the whole night. I told Dad and Sonny, and all Dad said was 
"Don't fall out." -_-
Haha, I was so looking forward to the experience of going up in a balloon, even if it is tethered.

So bright and early, we met up at 95%, packed ourselves into Sue's car and happily took off. There were six of us : Sue, Felicia, Grace, Chee Chiaw, his friend Stephen and me. All  quite high even though it was only 9am.
As we got to Putrajaya, we were thrilled to see 3 or 4 balloons soaring above some buildings. Even more thrilling was the sight of a flock of paramotors - like para-gliders but with a motor. We ALL wanted to get on one of those. Wheeee..!!
We quickly parked and tumbled out. 
Then as we walked towards the balloons, disappointment set in. Tickets were sold out. Apparently ticket sales started at 7.30am. We didn't know :( 
Anyway, we went closer and realised that the balloons actually don't go very high up. And there were so few :( After taking the customary photos, we went to explore the rest of the fair. Within half an hour, we were done -_-

The paramotors were there as demo only. They were promoting lessons and certification. No rides available.
There so so many people there but there nothing much happening. Why??? 

I saw two interesting things though...
1. A stall selling clothes had tudungs (headscarfs) of all colours right next to skimpy tank tops. Huh??? Same person buys both?

2. A very creative soap. Positioned as 'fights sleepiness'!! Hahaha, it stopped us in our tracks and we bought two, just to test it out. 

Talk about a compelling USP! I don't know if it really works, but the write up even provided the 'Reason To Believe'. I can just see the whole Strategy written out! 

Then we got bored and decided to visit Paya Indah Wetlands in Dengkil. I had conducted the YAC completion and graduation there and I had some beautiful memories of the place.
This time, we were not disappointed. The air was still and peaceful. Life slowed down, I felt connected and grounded. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful experience. 
One lake was filled with lotus in full bloom. Another had ducks, geese and swans sailing elegantly around. Well, they were elegant until we came running up. 

Although it was just a brief visit, it did something to me. I am still smiling as I write this. Once in a while, it would be good to just get away and spend a day or two in another world. A still, peaceful world where I can hear the voice of my soul speak to me.

To view all photos, click on the title of this post. They're quite cheesy tho ...


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*jelousy* - i've always wanted to go on a hot air baloon ride :)

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