Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mom goes into surgery

Good news! The cancer was only in the breast. So it is confirmed Stage 2. And it is now removed :) The doctors are now considering the best treatment for mom - probably no chemo cos of her age and other medical problems. Maybe radiotherapy? It's going to be dicey cos she's also being treated for Multiple Myeloma (plasma cell cancer) and she's also on a lot of stroke prevention medications, blood thinner, etc.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at homeopathic treatments. From what little I've heard, it sounds quite miraculous. Not easy to prepare, and may not be the most delicious remedies but it sure beats chemo! Please let me know if you know of a good homeopathic practitioner.

Once again, THANK GOD AND THANK ALL OF YOU for your prayers, love and care. Deep, deep thanks to all of you.


Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. She had a successful surgery this morning. Her great heart stayed strong and stable throughout, and her lymph nodes look normal. Two bits of blessed good news!

She spent 24 hours ICU. She was sedated longer than usual because the doctors wanted to minimise stress and trauma to her heart. It was a very high risk surgery and mom beat the odds. It's a miracle. Thank You God and all the Angels who came and brought comfort.

Our deepest gratitude also to the extremely skilled doctors who did a brilliant job of preventing a heart attack and are treating her with the greatest delicacy, God Bless them all.

Breast Surgeon: Dr Robert Jalleh
Anaesthesiologist: Datuk Dr Damodaran
Cardiologist: Dato Dr Ridzwan Bakar
Neurologist: Dr Lee Moon Keen
Haemotologist: Dr Puru

They are such an amazing team, driven by a pure love for the patient and compassion and sensitivity towards the family. They are truly God's instruments of healing.

Thank you to all our loving friends and loved ones who prayed and carried us in your own unique ways. Last night as I was struggling to stay calm while mom tossed and turned in bed, I felt we were carried, gently enfolded in the wamrth of your prayers and beautiful thoughts. Our deepest gratitude to you all, and may God heap Blessings upon you.

These photos are taken by Kosmo! when they came to interview her in May. Mom, Dad, Sonny and I are accompanied by little Sky (she's the black blob on mom's tummy).

Mom, may the Blessings of God be upon you
May His peace abide with you
May His pressence illuminate your heart
Now and forever more

Phew! Thank God and all our friends and loved ones ...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Our new Family

After losing both Walter and Bandit to heartworm, Dad and Sonny brought home Magnolia, a boisterous white puppy from SPCA. She'll jump and jump around until she is carried, then she is as manja as the sweetest pussycat.

A few weeks later, our gardener found this little white fella crying by a drain. He's a handful! He likes to put his nose to the ground and wander, wander, wander far and wide (no wonder he got lost!). And he cries with all his puppy might when left alone. Thank Goodness there's Magnolia to keep him company.

His name is Moby Magoo. Both pups are white but Moby doesn't stay white for long. He needs a bath almost every day. Naughty fella!

There are more photos of Moby than Magnolia cos she never stays still, while Moby is still blur-blur...

This is Sky, her black speckled coat reminds me of a beautiful starry night. She is either hyper (we just see a black streak flying across the room) or a purry, bubbly blob. She likes to sleep on my pillow and rest her big purring belly against my head. So bliss...

Mom doesn't like cats but Sky doesn't know that! Hahaha...