Thursday, August 23, 2007

Never cut what can be untied

I found this on a Facebook Fortune Cookie. How profound.

I must say that it is so much easier to just cut,cut,cut ties with people whom I don't get along with or who bring conflict into my life. I have done just that in the past, and I found that as time goes by, there are fewer and fewer people in my life. By cutting ties, I have created separation and eventually isolation.

It is not as easy to untie the knot. Sometimes it means I have to swallow my pride, sometimes I have to remind myself to see the bigger picture : why is this person in my life, and what is it that he or she is meant to contribute to me.

I have found that the qualities I dislike in other people are the same qualities that I cannot accept in myself. And they are here in my life so that I can accept and claim back that aspect of me. It is humbling but liberating!

I have had various degrees of success with untying knotted relationships : in the best cases, we remain friends. In the worst case, we manage to maintain a cordial professional realationship.

And right now, there in one knot that has been bugging me for the past week. Hahaha, no wonder I found this fortune cookie today!

My mission in life is to create a world of Peace, Love and Joy. I believe that Peace in the world will happen when individuals learn to create Peace in their lives. And that is what I am trying to do :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Crowbar Shortlist

Congratulations to Fajar, Ernest and Wilson (which one? Or both?) for getting shortlisted in this year's Crowbar Awards. Is it true that you guys are the only ones from your uni that got in? Well, you certainly worked hard for it and I hope you win. Keep me informed please!