Saturday, October 02, 2010

A dream come true

Sometime last year I declared to myself that I want to stand for our graduates to win in the main categories, and not just student awards. It's a much tougher challenge and a bigger dream.

Tonight at the Effies, I was so proud when Lucideas won a Bronze. Then when they announced that they also won a Gold, my heart leapt for joy. A Gold Effie says a lot. Unlike Kancil Awards where about a hundred entries win, Effies only had 28 finalists and gave out 4 Golds.

Unfortunately I didn't hear who the other three winners were because I was too busy hugging them and wiping away my tears. Why did I suddenly decide to wear mascara tonight???

Just as I went back to my seat, another graduate, Dave, came up and showed me his Bronze Effie. His very first! And he's only been working as a copywriter for about a year. It's a wonderful achievement. OMG, again, my heart almost burst with pride.

Sigh, I am so proud of them all, and I just can't stop smiling :) :) :)

Now for Junkie Jenn's good news next...


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