Saturday, February 12, 2011

Choose My Battles

In my past, stepping up the challenge was the 'thing' for me. It took courage to say Yes! I accept this challenge even though I don't have any evidence that I can win.

This attitude has brought me great success. I have achieved things that I never ever thought I could do. It has worked for me. Throughout my entire advertising career, my training career and even now at 95%, this is what makes me successful.

But I am at a new place in my life now : I want a more peaceful, joyful life. And I want this without having to compromise on my vision.

I am no stranger to hard work. And this has brought me good results. But there have also been sacrifices - I have less time and energy to spend on the battles that really matter: being with Mom, working on Kenny's pardon, being with Dad, Sonny, my friends.

By big aha moment this morning is, when I channel my heart, my time and energy into battles I am not likely to win is a waste of my TIME, my ENERGY, MY LIFE.

Life is precious. My time is precious. My energy is precious. I want to use what I have to achieve my Vision and at the same time take care of my family, my friends and still have time and energy left to just simply enjoy life.

The answer is : CHOOSE MY BATTLES.

No need to prove that I have the courage to step up. No need to prove I have faith and confidence in myself. I know that already. Now, step back and choose. If I have nothing left to prove, what would I do?

Do nothing that serves no purpose.

Ask myself, what is the purpose of doing this? What can I achieve? Is it worth my time? My precious life?

Do less work, but do more meaningful work. So I will be less busy, more effective.


Blogger 95% The Advertising Academy said...

Yup. For me this comes in the form of a quote that shouts to me; 'Slow down to the speed of life' #TheSamuraiGame

12:57 PM  

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