Saturday, April 23, 2011

Be Here Now

Last night, I went to the SS2 durian stalls for a loooong-awaited feast ;P

At the next table, there was a man, all by himself, enjoying a durian, with a look of pure rapture on his face. He seemed lost in his own private Heaven. Nothing else mattered but him and the piece of durian in his hand.

Two Lessons I take from this ...

1. Be Here Now : Be fully present, give my full attention to whatever it is that I am doing and truly appreciate the experience. When I do, I can't help but feel this tremendous sense of gratitude to God for creating such wonder. Then, I am happy :)

2. If I want to do something, just do it! I've been pestering Sonny and Sue to feed me durian. And I've been waiting for weeks! But here is this guy who came on his own. He didn't need anyone to accompany him, he is just happy to spend his time doing his own thing. And enjoying it so much! Wow!

For me, the durian thing was not that big a deal. But the question for myself is, where else in my life do I stop myself from enjoying what I love just because I don't want to do it alone? What would I do if there was nothing to stop me?

Hmmm... interesting...

Monday, April 18, 2011

My New Understanding of Breakfast

I used to think it was a luxury. I'll make it for Sonny, but not for myself. Now, after all the work I've been doing with Master Isis, breakfast has new meaning for me.

Now, spending 20 minutes to make myself something yummy in the morning is an affirmation that I am worth it. It is a declaration that I have time! I have time to smell the roses and eat delicious food. The phase of frantic overwork and struggle is over. I know my day will be sorted everytime I start the day with my new morning routine : prayer, reading & self-reflection, meditation and breakfast.

This means, I fill myself up first so I have more to give to the day ahead. Fuel up, so I can have full energy for the day ahead. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?!

And what do I fill myself up with?

Breakfast enhances my appreciation and gratitude to God and Mother Nature. It is an affirmation of God's Greatness and Magnificence in creating such wonders for me (all of us) to enjoy. As I fill my tummy, I also fill my whole being with a sense of wonder and gratitude to God.

What better way to start the day?

:) :) :)