Friday, February 08, 2008

My Cat-alogue

I've been spending my Chinese New Year blissfully surrounded by animals, mostly cats of course, except for my three psychotic pups.

About a week ago, I brought home a lovely silvery kitten from the restaurant below 95%.

He's not allowed to eat too much for now cos he has some problem with his digestive tract (this is the censored description of his condition!). So he's always hungry, but so very, very delightfully manja. He's a real sweet purry furball. Look at his tail - we think he's part squirrel.

I now divide my time carefully : cuddle Wabi Sabi in the morning before he gets grouchy, cuddle Silver during the day, sleep with Sky. What bliss! As I write this now, Sunshine is snoozing beside me on the bed.

Here's an old photo of Sky sleeping on the arm of mom's chair. She looks scrawny here (except for the belly) but she's grown way too fat to fit there now. She's a real fat cat, with fat little paws. Even her tail seems fat! She's got very smooth silky fur though.

This is a typical Wabi Sabi pose : belly up!

And here he's looking like a decent cat.

Not shown here (according to seniority) : Milk, Sunshine, Cloud, Storm and Mist.

I've also been cat-sitting Shahnaz's Salem and Gebu, my 'god-cats' who are actually more keen to see their dinner than me. Tomorrow, I will be dog-sitting Peter's beautiful Eleanor, the sweetest, most well mannered Golden Retriever.

I'm so happy to be with so many animals. It was my childhood dream to one day live in a kinda zoo. Guess that dream has kinda come true. Just need a few lions and tigers, that's all...