Monday, December 31, 2007

10 Milestones of 2007

Thanks to Peter, I have started to take note of my own achievements and growth every year. He says to list ten things never done before.

Here's my 2007 list :
1. Pilates
2. Overcame my coffee addiction
3. Preparing myself to let mom go (she had a high risk mastectomy in July)
4. Put one cat and two dogs to sleep. Velvet, Walter and Bandit left us this year, all within months of each other. Velvet left by himself, Walter and Bandit needed asssistance.
5. Received a new teacher, Isis Fuqua.
6. Set up an altar to Green Tara at home, introducing her to mom and dad.
7. Invited Rongtha Rinpoche to come and Bless our home and family
8. Trained a group of people with no advertising background to be copywriters in 8 months
9. Interviewed Kancil Award judges and produced video.
10. Worked with 4As Creative Excellence Council headed by Jennifer Chan

Before I made this list, I thought I didn't have ten things this year!

Looking back, I think my biggest growth this year is letting go. Apart from my three pets, my spiritual teacher Master Choa Kok Sui also passed away this year. In his passing, I experienced him all around me. It became much easier to connect with him and the many, many lessons I've learnt from him over the years keep coming automatically into my mind. I see them everywhere, I feel him so close. I think I am starting to understand what is meant by the saying 'death liberates the soul'.

This happened in April. In July, I made peace with mom. When she went in for the mastectomy, the doctors warned me that it was very high risk for her. In the one week before her surgery, I would ask myself every day - if this is the last week I have with mom, how would I spend it? The last two nights before the surgery, I slept in hospital with her. Only I didn't sleep much. Especially the night before. It was like that Aerosmith song "I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes Cos I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - I was fully present to listen to her every breath, every movement. And that was when I was able to mentally tell her that she is free to do as her Soul wishes. If she wishes to go, go with my love. If it's not time yet, I will gladly cherish every additional day that she is around physically. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be with her, to care for her and comfort her as she has comforted and cared for everyone around her. And I still have the opportunity now :)

So this Christmas was very special, though bittersweet. Although I was busy, busy cooking, I decided not to get stressed and frantic as I usually do. So I was less ambitious and shared out the cooking duties with my sister-in-laws. Well, me being the drama queen fusspot, I still got stressed, but not as bad as in previous years la...

I felt that Mom wanted to get more involved this year so I asked her to teach me how to roast turkey! She said she couldn't remember. She decided to get involved anyway, in her own way - she forgot (?) that seven years ago, we all decided not to decorate the house and celebrate Christmas until Kenny comes home. So she got the maids to put up our old Christmas tree one day while I was out shopping, and when I came home, she said "Surprise!" Hahaha, yes it was a surprise. A nice one. Sonny added some lights to the tree and our front door, and it is very Christmassy. Maybe a sign that Kenny will be home soon. Maybe she didn't "forget" after all, haha!

This year at 95%, we made a quantum leap. We launched a re-designed module with three trainers. This has been a hugely positive step, a win for many parties :
• The graduates - they get much deeper learning. Some have secured their dream jobs, others have won awards.
• The trainers - our own growth, fulfilment and extra income.
• The business - 95% has grown considerably.
We're now looking at what quantum leap can we make in 2008. Phew, it's exhilarating!

On that note, I wish everyone a joyous celebration tonight. Take a moment to reflect upon your achievements of the past year and appreciate yourself deeply. If you don't look for it, you won't see it. So go and look!

Give yourself a big pat on the back and launch yourself gloriously into 2008. May you have a magnificent year ahead!
With much love, Janet.
(here's another one of my paintings)