Monday, July 16, 2007

Our new Family

After losing both Walter and Bandit to heartworm, Dad and Sonny brought home Magnolia, a boisterous white puppy from SPCA. She'll jump and jump around until she is carried, then she is as manja as the sweetest pussycat.

A few weeks later, our gardener found this little white fella crying by a drain. He's a handful! He likes to put his nose to the ground and wander, wander, wander far and wide (no wonder he got lost!). And he cries with all his puppy might when left alone. Thank Goodness there's Magnolia to keep him company.

His name is Moby Magoo. Both pups are white but Moby doesn't stay white for long. He needs a bath almost every day. Naughty fella!

There are more photos of Moby than Magnolia cos she never stays still, while Moby is still blur-blur...

This is Sky, her black speckled coat reminds me of a beautiful starry night. She is either hyper (we just see a black streak flying across the room) or a purry, bubbly blob. She likes to sleep on my pillow and rest her big purring belly against my head. So bliss...

Mom doesn't like cats but Sky doesn't know that! Hahaha...


Blogger Vernon said...

OMG! SoooOOOOoo adorable!

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

The blur-blur puppy is so cute! What a unique name!
Speaking of black dash across the room, my Crissy sometimes sprints across the room so fast, that I could feel a slight breeze after. Think she probably went about 10km/h.

3:26 PM  

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