Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kancil Awards 2006

This was by far the most nerve-wracking Kancil for me : Hwa got me to be co-MC! AAAaaarrggghhhh!
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When Hwa first asked me, I wanted to turn back time and pretend I never received his phone call. I would even happily lose my phone, lose my line, lose my mind (!) so that I won't have to respond to this kind of invitation. But of course cannot la. So I had to decide whether to say yes or no. What made it worse was that Hwa said 'this should be no problem for you, you are a trainer wat' YA LAAA!!! That's the problem! If I screw up, who will send people for our presentation skills workshops anymore?

Well, after the initial shock became a cold twister in my tummy, I realised that I cannot possibly say no. It's an opportunity that has come to me - an opportunity to stand up and be heard - if I turn it away because I am so shit scared of failure, what message would I be sending out?! How can I expect our participants to face challenges if I don't? Aaarrggghhh...

So do lor...

As usual, the first thing I do to prepare myself is to look for the outfit. What to wear? Hwa said now I got excuse to buy a stunning dress - aaargghhh... more pressure! Anyway I decided that I have no time to lose weight and get into shape, and more importantly, I am not the star of the night. So I donwanna be all glammed up and desperately uncomfortable. I decided to wear a simple professional jacket and just buy a long evening skirt.

Humph, that was another adventure : I couldn't find any simple long evening skirts in black! Can you believe it? I thought it was the most basic piece of clothing, the most common. But no, there were sequins, and all sorts of weird cuts and frills and yuckky stuff. And you know what??? They cost between RM200 - RM880!!! Crazy ah?

Then, inspiration struck - I decided to buy fabric and get a tailor to sew something simple for me. And I'm so proud of myself for that. The fabric cost RM27.50 for 2.75 meters of black satin, and the tailoring (rush-job price) was RM40. AND the skirt looked alright - yay!

Once I got the outfit handled, the rest came slightly easier - went for the briefing and met my co-MC who was a seasoned pro. Phew, thank goodness! I could breathe then.

After the rehearsal on Friday itself, it was too late to run away or pretend to be sick - it was like the first time I sat on the Solero Shot in Genting - after the bar came down and we started rising, I was almost out of my mind with fear! Shit, no turning back! Then when we reached the top - the damn thing would stay up there for 10 secs, then can hear and feel the gears change and then we drop. Just after the 10 secs, when I heard the gears change, I was surprised to find myself experiencing a moment of peace - a moment of total surrender where I said, I'm all yours, God - do with me what you will. And it was so peaceful. Then I dropped and screamed my lungs out.

So after the rehearsal, I experienced my moment of peace. I surrendered and once again said to God - do with me what you will. And it was so cool...

When I arrived, lots of people were already there. As I walked in, I received so much support and encouragement from so many - Shinesters, 95% graduates, ex-colleagues, and the one that touched me the most was Neal Estavillo, the MD of JWT, such a sweet man. When I went up on stage, I saw the front tables - the 4As council members were all smiling up at me, giving me so much encouragement. Coool, after that, no problem oredi.

Well, I learnt one thing though - when I went up to the rostrum, I had a sweet in my mouth. I thought I had time to finish it - but the Co-MC started it off so fast that the only thing I could do was turn around, spit the sweet out and because I had no where else to throw it, I placed it on the rostrum. Aaargh... so shy, imagine what the pro MC thought of me!!! I hope I didn't gross him out.

After my opening comments - hmmm, what did I say ah? Can't really remember now. It always happens to me. When I'm speaking, I just let go. Then I can't remember what I said.

I think I shared what Neil French told me. He said : Once in a while, you may be struck by sheer inspiration - and you come up with a really good idea. It is fresh, exciting, never been done before. And it meets the brief, answers the strategy, moves people. It gets talked about, it gets remembered.

Now when that happens ... you have just earned your salary. That's your job - what you are paid to do. Why should you get an award for that?

You only get an award when you have done all that - and raised it to another level of greatness. Only then do you deserve an award.

I remember when I heard this, I felt so humble. And also so hungry to push my work that far. Neil is such an inspiration.

After my opening comments, it was a breeze. The rest of the night was just announcing the results, and although it required focus and concentration, it was such a thrill, to see 95% grads Andrew, Chris, Norman and ex-colleagues Fiona, Christie go up on stage to collect their awards. So proud, so proud of them all.

The highlight of the night for me was Hwa's 'speech'. That man is brilliant! He got his tea lady Aunty Foong to read out his speech, which basically said that Hwa not going to speak because no one wants to listen to speech! They come to Kancil awards to get mabuk and to take home awards, not to hear long speech!

The applause she (and Hwa) received was tremendous - it almost lifted the roof! Hwa should win Best Copywriting for that little stunt. Brilliant!

Here's the guru besar and me with our breathtakingly lovely Shinesters : Joanna, Nik and Amy.


Anonymous Fibbles said...

Hey thanks! Wanted to hug you on stage, but didn't think it was appropriate to 'disturb' the emcee! I am very proud of you too! You did a terrific job up there! :)

12:13 PM  
Blogger 95% Trainings said...

That does it - your cover is blown, I know who you are. The spider bear hint was good, but now I know for sure. I'm so proud of you - you went up TWICE!!! And you look so gorgeous too.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dreamt about you last night.

You were wearing a beautiful dress and teaching my cousin and I Reiki.

4:26 PM  
Blogger cheechiaw said...

Hope you will still be the MC next year, then me and Joescher will see you on the stage :)

11:19 AM  
Blogger 95% Trainings said...

Wah... big goal Chee Chiaw! I'm sure you guys can do it if you really want it.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous copywritingstudent said...

Ummm, who was I teaching reiki to?

2:13 PM  
Anonymous rach said...

wow...wish I get to attend this kinda function one day too..=P
anyways, next u can call me up if u need gowns..I can pinjam u. I have quite a few.havent pakai b4 sumore..I just love gowns..bought them and never really got the chance to wear.=)

7:25 PM  

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