Friday, October 27, 2006

Small Things That Say A Lot

You can tell a lot about a country and its people by looking at their handicrafts and the small things they do in everyday life. Just look at this : from the flowers to the hotel room key and the slippers - everything is so artistic and created with care. It says to me that this is a culture who values beauty and artistry. And time ... they know how to handle time. They take the time to create all this. In my everyday rush, this would be inconceivable.

These are offerings that every shop (and taxi!) put out every morning. Imagine the effort put into making them every single day!

Look at their local handicraft. it's not just quaint or rustic. It's gorgeous! These are things I would actually wear, and not just keep as souvenir. Of course, when I see shop after shop after shop all selling more or less the same thing, I don't stop at every one anymore. Also, I didn't want to spend toooo much on shopping this time.

More later ...
oh I must share this story I heard from a friend about Cambodia ... later


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