Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Cambodian Street Peddlers

Here's the story I promised to write :

My friend Pow visited Cambodia and she was surprised at how savvy the street peddlers are. Like many Asian countries, the street peddlers are children who have mastered the art of tugging at your heartstrings with their big melting eyes and persistent pleading :(

But these children are smart. Pow said that when she didn't want to buy, one of them came back with "If I can tell you the capital of Malaysia, will you buy?"

She was taken aback - and in her surprise, she agreed. Only later did she realise that it was probably a well thought out strategy!

So the next day, when she was once again swarmed with child peddlers, she challenged one : she said "I will buy only if you can tell me the capital cities of FIVE countries. And I will name the countries."

Guess what? She ended up buying again.

Although it's sad that they kids are doing this, I have to admire and respect their strategy for getting the sale.

You guys got any similar stories to share?


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