Saturday, October 21, 2006

Remember this doggie?

No one responded to the posters we put up. My vet advised me to lure him into a cage somehow and bring him in - but he has grown and we couldn't find a cage big enough for him. And he's not always in our house. He comes and goes as he pleases.

I was getting worried because we were going away. What to do with the little fella? And his wound was smelling real bad.

Then my husband came up with what I thought was a great idea : call the SPCA, ask them to catch and treat him, and then we'll pay for all the costs incurred and adopt him.

So Sonny called them. Now guess what they said?!

First they advised him to call the Bandaraya dog catchers. Sonny said 'no' cos we didn't want the dog to be shot and killed. Then SPCA said, if they get their people to catch him, they would also put him to sleep! Sonny tried to explain to them again and again that we were willing to adopt him - just want him to be given medical aid. But nope, they stood their ground that if they took him in, they would put him to sleep.

I must say I am very disappointed. Yes, I understand that they are overcrowded and under-funded, under-staffed, and all that. But here we are willing to adopt, and they are not willing to help.

Well anyway, we left for Bali and I comforted myself with the thought that animals in the wild would somehow survive such injuries, so maybe he too would be able to heal himself.

When we came home, I found that he is still around, still coming and going as he pleases - and his wound seems to have dried up. There's no more smell and he's running away from me faster than ever. Think he's put on some weight too.

So I guess we'll just let him be. Our home is open to him for as long as he wants. But if his owner tracks him down, I'll be happy to let him go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love dogs... (although my mom dont let me to have one)
why they have such a heart to kill or put the dog to sleep when dog making eye contact with them and asking for a CARE? what's the sin to let an animal live? *sigh....

2:02 AM  
Blogger copywritingstudent said...

I need to correct my earlier entry : he's not running away from us so much anymore, yay!

He still jumps up when we approach, but doesn't flee immediately. He just stands and watches us. My husband has been whistling to him and he seems to be getting a little bit more comfortable with us.

Yesterday I made eye contact with him.

Last night, he barked at an unknown car that stopped outside our gate. Mom said "the cheek of him to bark as though this is his home to protect. We shouldn't encourage him to stay".

My husband gave a gooooood answer, He said "It's not up to us. It's Bandit who has adopted him."

And it's true, my dog Bandit has been most welcoming. Sharing his food, sharing the car that he sleeps under. And today, I see the little black doggie following Bandit around like a shadow. Well, good for Bandit to have a friend - Walter, my other dog tends to bully him.

So we've decided to give him a name : Ninja. Cos he's agile and he comes and goes without anyone noticing!

6:53 PM  
Blogger mc_ass said...

lol... nice name...

7:26 PM  

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