Monday, October 23, 2006

This is the life...

Sigh ... floating without a care, at peace, at one with all...

In Bali, I would wake up at 6am (without any alarm) and it's bright daylight outside. I'll have a leisurely breakfast : about two hours drinking one pot of kopi keras, one pot of warm water, and one pineapple juice. By that time, Sonny would probably be up as well, pointing out that I haven't moved an inch in hours. Move? Why need to move? I was so comfortable just reading and day-dreaming that I don't notice time passing.

Actually, for the first few days, we felt that time was moving sooooo slowly. We'd be lazing and lazing and hey... it's only 9am! Oooh, I loved that. Although I'm a morning person, I love slow and gentle awakenings.

This is the beautiful Alit Beach Bungalow in Sanur. Very reasonably priced at US$30 a night. Huge grounds, over 100 bungalows (I think). Very, very nice. Here's a shot of the pool, and the public beach beyond the wall.

More later


Anonymous nadia said...

oh... beautiful!
glad you had a great time.

1:52 AM  

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