Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crowbar Shortlist

Congratulations, Wilson (with no surname!) on getting three, three!!! ads into the Crowbar shortlist. Glad you had the guts to enter, and hope you get something. The standards are high cos it's a regional award show, so even getting in is an achievement. Great job, and keep aiming higher and higher! The fairy is blessing you with lots of magic dust and rainbow wishes.
Come on, join in and wish Wilson lotsa succcess!

This is one of his shortlisted ideas :

This photo was taken at the Advertising Unplugged talk organised by How & Why and 4As last year. From left : Guru Besar Shahnaz, Yasmin Ahmad, Me, Wilson, Theng and Joescher. We're so relieved ... phew!... that 95% grads asked intelligent questions, and made an impression on Yasmin. As for Wilson... hahaha, better ask him what impression HE made!


Blogger Wilson said...

Wilson going to singapore next week,fellas!! this is going to be the first award for him.. and the BEST birthday present after the last year's 95% training!!!

i owe a BIG THANX to my parents, janet, shahnaz, raz, my ex-gf as well for their endless supports and all my seniors including Norman 'Normie' Tang, CC+J (miss you guys!)....

im going there!!
this is not the end,, this is just the beginning....

HAHAHAHA (im going to laugh my hair off AGAIN) hahaha

peace out!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Radical_J said...

Hey the Wil!! CONGRATS!! U GO MAN!!..Go kick sum butties!..hehe...Tell us the good news Part 2!!

8:13 PM  

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