Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Giant Called "Kici"

This fella is really amazing : first he was a late entry to AWARD school. He missed the entry deadline, but managed to persuade the organiser in Oz to allow him in. Now, he's got two of his ideas selected for exhibition at the AWARD school graduation last Thursday. The 26 participants were given ten briefs to work on, and only the best ideas for each brief were selected. Not an easy thing to achieve - but the way this guy pushed himself, he's bound to fly.

He's a great demonstration that anything is possible if you have the will and the guts. I'm very proud of you, Joescher. And from our meeting last week, I know CC+J will be all that you intend it to be. I don't know if you still use your nickname 'kici' - may not be relevant anymore cos you're on your way to be a big name in advertising.

Congratulations also to Chee Chiaw - wow, you look hot in the graduation pix that Joescher emailed to me.


Blogger Joescher said...

A story to begin with... I was very down and upset one day, CC+J Adhaus had a big breakdown, and I doubted myself.

I went through your blog on that period time, and I saw this blog you wrote, "A Giant Called Kici".

I was so touch and happy, my mood totally shifted. I went back to tackle my problems and had gone through it, because someone who I look up to, has faith and trust on me.

Janet, I want you to know, without someone making a stand to give her heart and efforts to train people who are interested and passionate for advertising, without 95%, there will be no CC+J Adhaus.

If cheechiaw & me able to make a big name in advertising ( I'm confident, we definitely will). It must because of you, because of 95%.

Thank you for being my best mentor all the time and please do continue inspiring & giving your love and thoughts to us.

We need it, & truly appreciate it.

Love you Janet.

8:25 PM  

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