Sunday, March 21, 2010

The World Around Me Is A Reflection Of The World Within Me

Now that I've been detoxing for two weeks, I am energised and positive. Calm and aware. I don't feel stuffed and stuck and old and decaying anymore. The difference is surprisingly significant! I know this sounds like a hardsell ad, but it is true! hahaha :) I am feeling so much better, physically as well as emotionally.

And this has caused a chain reaction : First, I detoxed my stomach and intestines. Next, I started qi gong and reiki again. Then I changed my skincare and got a hair cut.  

Now, I am working on my home. Bought ironing board. Started shopping for new curtains, cushions and cushion covers. Finally treated the cats with Mike's miracle Clorox Cure for fleas and ringworm. I've been dreading this! 8 cats is no joke! Anyway, we only managed to do 7, one got away :(

Next, buy exhaust fan. Then give the house a much-needed new coat of paint. And figure out how to prune the trees in the garden. This will let in some sun and dry up the soggy garden.

I know that all these things need to be done, but I've been procrastinating. Work has provided me with a convenient excuse, but I know it is just an excuse. I think part of me was just grungy about having to 'grow up' and take care of the house. Hahaha! I'm 45 years old and still trying to avoid grown up duties!!

Now that I am willing to handle these things, I feel at peace, and closer to both mom and dad. Maybe this is what 'Home is where the heart is' really means. When I put my heart into my home, I am energising it with love. 

Maybe this is what's been causing the huge 'hole' we feel : Mom used to be the one energising the home with her love. Now that she is gone, the home has been feeling so very empty. 

OK, I'll take it up. I've been giving Dad ginger enzyme every morning and he's obediently taking it. He even says it's refreshing! Good la. Although he insists on being independent, this is a sign that he enjoys being taken care of.

There is much to be done, but now that I am willing, it doesn't seem like such an impossible burden anymore. The funny thing is, it started with me taking care of myself internally. That was the key that unlocked this flow.

It's like magic. And guess what? This morning, for the first time, our bougainvillea plants are flowering! We've been trying for so long to get them to flower but every fertiliser and soil trick we've tried has not worked. And now, there are radiant pink flowers! I'll take this as feedback that love is coming alive again in this home :)


Blogger Big Pumpkin said...

Such a beautiful story. Love it!

8:27 PM  
Blogger jennesis said...

u blow me away. everytime.

9:19 PM  

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