Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Is Twitter killing blogs? ... or is it just me?

I've been trying to blog, but as you can see from my last few posts, I don't have much to say. I'm so used to keeping it to 140 characters.

So do I blame Twitter? Or am I just avoiding getting in touch with what I think and how I feel?

Quite often, I simply do not have anything to express. Not even on Twitter. And in the rare moments when I do, I start writing a new blog post and then give up halfway. 

I have no patience. My mind is jumping all over. I am edgy (not in a good way) and pre-occupied. In other words, I am not aware and present. There is no stillness, no peace.

If the world around me is a reflection of the world within me, then I see neglect and decay. Everything at home is old and worn out. Everything at 95% is also old and worn out. Carpets, curtains, taps, electricals - all need major repair and spring cleaning. There are no accidents, so what is this telling me? Within me, I feel like my body is an old neglected pond - stagnant and filled with algae. sigh...

In the last week, I've made a huge effort to spring clean my insides. I've gone on a minimalistic vegetable and soup diet. I've started taking fruit enzyme to kick start my digestion. The Personal Growth training on Saturday gave me a good workout. Things are moving within me.

I'm starting to feel better - lighter, clearer and more hopeful. 

Ok, I'll give it 3 more days of my detox diet. Then I will somehow find time to do spring cleaning and home repairs. 

And to keep my spirits up, I'll be listening to Defying Gravity :)


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