Monday, December 11, 2006

Ninja settles in

Remember the little black puppy who adopted us? Well, he is bringing me great delight everyday : he now allows me to stroke him from nose to tail!

How did this happen? Well, his wound opened up and started smelling again. So we really had to find a way to take him to the vet. But how? He was so wild and so scared that we can't even go near him to feed him. And he runs very fast.

Then, we found this incredible man - Kulwan, the dog whisperer. His specialty is his love for dogs. And he spends his time taking difficult dogs to the vet in his big van, and also takes on contracts to bathe dogs regularly. If you need someone llike this, call me and I'll give you his contact.

I told him about Ninja and he said no problem : if we can just lure him into our dog pen, he will come and handle the rest. And he did!

So Ninja was taken to the vet. And he stayed at the vet for two weeks, getting his wound treated everyday until it was completely dried up.

When Sonny and I went to check on him after a week, we found him still scared and he actually growled at me. Wouldn't let me go near him at all :(

But after two weeks, with the vet carrying him everyday and being gentle with him, he got used to people. When we went to bring him home, he allowed me to carry him into the car. But he was just being submissive, not yet trusting.

Anyway, I kept talking to him and patiently allowed him to come closer and closer at his own pace. Slowly he came closer and closer. He would lick my fingers, and run away. Then come back and lick again. One day, he let me stroke his head! Wah, so happy. Then, slowly, I could stroke his neck, muzzle ... and now can stroke him from nose to tail... yay!!!

And he looks like a happy dog now, chewing up everthing and digging up eveything, galloping all over the garden. I'm so happy that he is happy. Not a terrified little puppy anymore.

He is still easily scared though and he won't come to me when there are other people around. But he'll grow used to it, I'm sure. He has come such a long way already. And I am Blessed with yet another loving pet :)

I spent a lovely Sunday just alternating my cuddles between Wabi Sabi and Ninja, and Wabi Sabi and Ninja... Bliss...


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