Monday, September 18, 2006

The Best Weekend Ever!

My warmest thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes : on this blog as well as via sms.
I had a really, really, reeeeally nice weekend.

I didn't go in to 95% at all (thank you guru besar, for checking on me!)
I ate lots - discovered that Fasta Pasta at Ikano serves fresh made pasta ... yum!
lazed in bed lots (with Wabi Sabi)
and made Mom laugh lots!
Perfect weekend.

Terry Fox run was great - very inspiring to see so many people participate. I heard somewhere that 3,000 people took part this year, compared to last year's 400 odd pax. If you want to read up about the event and see some really nice pixes, visit

A photographer Terrence Wong took some photos of us pushing Mom in her wheelchair - when he emails me, I'll put them up.
I actually have lots to share about the incredible event - but gotta go home for dinner now.
No matter how old I am, I still got to answer to my mommy.


Blogger mc_ass said...

hmmmm... actually abit embarassed that I said, I want to go...
anyway, the paper today wrote 9000 i wonder...bye

10:30 PM  
Anonymous longhair said...

Best weekend ever...? Hmmm.
Glad I was part of it. And yes, 9,000 did turn up on Sunday according to official news. No wonder the organisers were aghast! They had enough food to feed 18,000 though?? To sum the weekend up.
It was well organised, well supported, well funded and well done Terry Fox.

8:21 PM  

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