Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We are looking for 'The Chosen One'

95% is looking for an individual to take on the position of Training Executive. The criteria to be 'the chosen one' are as follows:

* Love to be with people, talk to people, make a difference to people. If you prefer to spend your time in front of the computer, you are not the one.

* Have an eye for detail. Doesn't have to be as detailed as a CSI or an obsessive compulsive like Monica in Friends, but enough to organise your work efficiently, and handle follow ups faithfully.

* Goal oriented. You get high on setting goals and achieving them.

* Love to be part of a dynamic team of passionate individuals who are as tight as family. We work hard, play hard, laugh a lot, and eat even more! Those who are looking for a serious corporate environment, please stay away.

There will be a fixed salary and a commission scheme that guarantees a win for both parties. If you think you have close to 95% of the mentioned characteristics, call Esther at 03-2287 7095 or email askme@95percent.com.my


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