Wednesday, September 20, 2006

United By A Common Goal

The Terry Fox Run was an amazing demonstration of how strangers who have a common goal are instantly united. As I was pushing Mom, we met an American pushing his mom - and we just started talking and sharing so easily, it was the natural thing to do. Everyone who was involved, from the San Francisco coffee staff who were trying to get me the right size of t-shirts, to the volunteers, to the photgraphers, and other 'runners' - was more than willing to be friendly and helpful each other along. It was only natural.

So if 9,000 strangers can be friendly and supportive to each other because of our common goal to raise funds for cancer research - imagine this... 6 billion people on this planet also have one common goal : to live in peace, love and joy.

I believe this deep desire is what every human being wants, no matter what race, religion or age. Maybe we sometimes forget, or get distracted, or get caught up in the struggle to just simply survive - the most basic need (maslow). If we can remind ourselves, if I can remind myself, that we all have this one common goal then hey, let's unite, reach out and be friends.

As our newly graduated Creatives In Progress once said "Let there be no strangers among us".


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