Sunday, November 29, 2009

It takes courage to start again

Start what?
Start exercising.
Start tidying up.
Start praying.
Start meditating.
Start healing.
Start blogging.
Start living.

Sonny says I should start blogging again. Actually, this was his second gentle hint. This time, it sank in. Thanks dear :)

And I think all of the above is linked. When my body is sore and aching, I can't really do anything. So this morning, after two days of lazing around, I finally felt strong enough to start Qi Gong and Pranic Healing. And it was good. Very good. I started sweating immediately. My mind cleared.

I decided to cook dinner for the family tonight. I haven't done this since I cooked for mom.

Haha, I remember the crazy baking spree at the beginning of this year. She enjoyed my butter cake with melted chocolate, and she ate everything up at an amazing speed! I was baking almost every other day! And she kept saying there was not enough chocolate in the cake - even though there was more chocolate than batter! Haha, that's mom- she loves to indulge.

The other thing that became clear for me was about 95%. December looks like it'll be a quiet month. I thought of filling up the weekends with Training Overviews and Me? A Copywriter? workshops, but haven't done it yet. I've been worried about our slow down and we haven't made any firm plans about December and 2010. Worry. Stress...

What became clear is this : take the time out to rest, heal and create. Stop the frantic running and chasing. Enough of being the hamster in the wheel. Stop. Breathe. Listen. And create.

Then an idea came. I suddenly saw a solution to a problem I have been struggling with.

So I think this is how I'm going to spend December. Stay away from frantic busy-ness. Allow myself space to heal. Allow inspiration to come. Get enough rest so that I have energy to create a home. This house hasn't felt like a home since mom died. It's time to change that and re-create a home here. In order to do that, I need to be rested.

Ok, I feel energised enough to start attacking my finances and filing now! Whooohooo!!!


Anonymous Mamapumpkin said...

Hi Janet, Nice to see you back. My brother, who's a copywriter once told me to slow down, as I was always the go-getter. He said that if I was going to be so busy flying around all the time, I was going to miss the lovely world that went by me. I couldn't even smell the roses that were right in front of me begging to be smelt. Sometimes, we need to slow down and hear ourselves breathe. So, you're on the right track!

4:04 PM  

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