Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In bed with Wabi

For about a week after we put the new furniture in our bedroom, Wabi wouldn't come in. While I was happily enjoying the 'new furniture' smell, he was avoiding it.

Like many people, he doesn't like change.

Anyway, he eventually got used to it and started spending more and more time with me. My escape now is to hide in bed and blog or watch video (you MUST checkout Heroes! Very, very nail-bitingly good!) and of course Wabi joins me.

For a few nights in a row, I went to sleep early with Wabi. Then when Sonny came down, I'd wake up and we'd both laugh at how he's sleeping. Then we'd poke and pull the fella, twist him around, stretch him out, and throw the blanket over him. And he wouldn't move! He has a strange habit of sleeping anyway - belly up and twisted around. Or under pillows or the carpet. Strange fella.

Then we grabbed the camera and started taking photos. All the while, Sonny was shaking his head saying "No cat behaves like that. No cat will let you do this to him...no cat..." (ok Shahnaz I know you call him a cow - but I think no cow would let us do that either)

Dear Wabi Sabi, sooooooo cute. As I write this, he's already snoozing, looking innocent and angelic with nose buried in between his paws, still right side up. For now ...

Sonny, where are the photos??? Email to me laa, I wanna put on ma blog!


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