Friday, February 17, 2006

Walking In The Light

What is darkness but an absence of light?

I heard an interesting analogy the other day - someone said she stands in between light and dark, like standing in the doorway between a dark room and a lighted one. I thought it made sense at that time, until my teacher said there can be no such thing.

If you are standing in the doorway between a dark room and a lighted one (doorway means the door is open, right?), the light from the lighted room will spill into the dark one, banishing the darkness.

When I heard that, I felt like a light switch in my brain had been turned on!

I see it now. When I think I am in darkness, feeling lost and unsure, caught in a black mood, feeling tired and drained... it is only because I have forgotten to open the door that leads to the lighted room.

The light that I am referring to here is what I call God's divine light. The light that energises and nourishes me, the light that guides me, the light that fills me and connects me with the whole world.

Yesterday, I went through an experiential exercise (yes, trainers get training too!) and when I imagined myself walking through a valley of obstacles, instead of struggling and wrestling like how I used to, this time, I saw myself opening the door to allow God's light to shine down on me, fill me and radiate out.

(Ok, this is where it gets fairy tale-ish)

I raised my hand and as the light shone out from my palm, the barricade of thorns and weeds that were blocking my path just cleared. The obstacles parted like the red sea. And my path was clear, all the way.

I have received this lesson many times. Walk in the light and my path will be clear. God will guide me. He made me to serve His purpose, whatever that may be. The task that lies in my lap would not be there if God didn't think I was ready for it. And who am I to question God's judgement?!

What's new for me this time is that I now realise how easy it is to walk in the light.

Just open the door.

That's all. I used to think I had to work hard, spend time practising prayer and meditation, work at calming my mind, resting my body, and all that, all that... in order to connect to the light.

Now I see it is as easy as opening the door, or flicking a switch.

It's going to be a beautiful day today. I wish you a beautiful day too. And may you too walk in the light ; )


Blogger Didi said...

Hi Janet,

It's so great that you've got a blog up and running and what's even greater is your irrepressible enthusiasm and passion! Wish I could say the same about me, but...

Almost 10 months on from graduating from 95% and I've relapsed into the negative states of mind that used to leech my soul of its happiness. But that's how things are.

I'll definitely keep on reading your blog, so do keep on updating!


3:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Gan said...

Winking at a girl in the light sure beats winking at her in the dark. This is kinda like doing business without advertising. Nobody knows what you're up to unless you publicise or advertise your intention.
If you're standing in the doorway not much light can spill through. And even if you move away, you'd need to open the door wider to allow more light through much like the louvres that seperate our main hall.
Light overcomes darkness the same way as thoughts get less muddled with fear and anxiety with clarity. It helps me understand the barricade of thorns and weed and the red sea bit better.
Have a beautiful day and night.

3:12 PM  

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