Monday, February 06, 2006

My Best Friends' Parents

Yesterday, my best friend's dad passed away. I was sad to hear the news - although he lived to a ripe old age, the passing was sudden, and talking to my friend, I too felt a sense of loss. Why? I hardly knew him. I don't even know his full name or what his occupation was. So why? Am I grieving for my friend, or for this man whom I don't know...?

Then it hit me : I do know him. He brought up my friend. He planted the values, the hopes, the fears, that make my friend who he is. I know him because I see him in my friend. And this is something really, really special to me. Suddenly I realise that I am deeply grateful for his role in bringing up my dear friend, and I wish him eternal peace and oneness with God.

And to all the parents of all my many loved ones : Sonny, Mark, Martin, Mellissa & Maxine, Phyllis, Wati, Agnes, Jon, Zane & Summer, Shahnaz, Raz-berry, Eva, Esther, Shuhana, Christie & Lai Meng, Elaine, Kel, Vince & Verne, and many, many more - thank you and bless you for bringing up such amazing children.

Thank you with all my heart : )

Oh yes, and thanks too to Mom & Dad's parents - Grandmas & Grandpas, and ancestors - thank you!


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