Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spread the love ...

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning when I kissed Dad and wished him, he asked what does it mean ah? What's the background?

Actually I don't know. Think St Valentine was a matchmaker or something? Does anyone know?

Before I went to bed last night, mom reminded me to make sure I wish my husband. It's soooo sweet of her, but my husband and I don't celebrate this. I think it's just one huge commercial hoo-ha that reinforces humanity's downward spiral into materialism.

In fact, the surest way for a guy to lose my respect and admiration would be to buy flowers on Valentine's Day - it is such an incredible waste of money! I don't require any presents, just an open and caring heart is ever so much more valuable than any expensive gift.

I do enjoy Valentine's Day very much though - it's an excuse for me to send my loved ones some love. There's so much love in the air on this day, and I just want to add more to it and make the world even sweeter and more beautiful! Spread the love, spread the joy! Ya, that's me in full fluff mode hehehe...

It is a beautfiul day and if you're reading this, please, please send some loving wishes to all of your loved ones ok? You will make this fluffhead very happy. Thanks!


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