Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shadow & Light

Hi, would you like to do a little experiment?

Look around you. Ya, right now. Look for shadows. Do you see any?

Now that you're suddenly aware and consciously looking, you see lots, right?

Ok, now look for highlights - you know, the spots where the light hits and it glows. Or just look for the bright areas. Got any?

Everything, almost everything in your surroundings will have both shadow and highlght - regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors.

I think it is the same with people. When I go around noticing people's shortcoming, I see plenty - and then of course, I tend to judge them poorly. But when I remind myself to look for the strengths and beauty in people - I also see plenty.

So now I believe that no one is completely bad or completely good. And it's up to me whether I want to focus on what's good or what's lacking.

Which brings me to another point : If I only choose to see the good, am I being an idealistic fluffhead living in a fantasy world?

This is the question that has plagued me for ever so long.

Haiyah - gotta stop and go for appointment now. I will continue this later ...


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