Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A new Ad Agency called RELIGION

I think this is a brilliant concept. Singaporean Creative Guru Francis Wee (who has won every gold award in the world!) has opened up his own agency and given it a controversial name. Controversial but with a great reason! Brilliant!

Read all about it in ADOI - click on the title.

I think this exactly where advertising is heading these days. Just limiting ideas to tv and print won't work anymore, and more and more people have caught on and changed their way of thinking. Advertising is evolving so fast, so exciting, almost wish I was still in agency. Almost ...


Blogger jingwei said...

Janet check out 42entertainment. They're a company also dealing with avant garde marketing(i think thats an apt term). For some time now they've been doing work for microsoft and their xbox line of stuffs.

They talk using games as a medium to create buzz, speculation and interest in products. They've made some pretty big things happen in the US. I think they're awesome. Very inspiring stuff.

heres link.

1:53 AM  

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