Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mom celebrates her 81st birthday!

Mom with our immediate family : all the young (and tall) ones are Mike's children, my nephews Mark and Martin, and nieces Mellissa and Maxine.

After all that she has been through last year, Mom's birthday last week (21st January) was especially sweet. She has just about recovered from Radiotherapy, just a bit of shortness of breath and some weight loss. Her Multiple Myeloma is well under control. She has also started physiotherapy again, after a break of almost six months.

She is in good spirits and livelier than she has been in a while. She's also laughing more, and eating more, these days. What a great, great blessing!

To all our friends and loved ones who have sent love and kind thoughts, deep-deep thanks to you.


Blogger jingwei said...

one year already? damn. another prosperous new yah to you. :D

10:18 PM  

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