Friday, January 04, 2008

Kazuo Inamori

I'm reading this book 'A Passion For Success' by Kazuo Inamori, a leading entrepreneur in Japan and I'm amazed at how it seems to be echoing the beliefs and ideals that are floating in my mind and have not yet been crystalised... until I read it in print.

I just read this para and felt compelled to write in my blog...

He says "When unsuccessful people face a brick wall, they assume it is impenetrable. This is common sense. They do make an effort, but with limitations. They find commonsense reasons to excuse themselves and resign. To get through the wall, we have to destroy the 'conventional wisdom' that is fixed within our minds."


So many times, I've felt I was facing a brick wall. In the past I have turned away. But with 95%, I have not.

Sometimes it is nothing more than sheer stubborness that keeps me at it. There have been times when 'conventional wisdom' screamed at me to walk away. And looking back, I'm glad I didn't.

Not that I've done anything particularly brilliant - most times, I just keep banging my head against the brick wall in an attempt to smash it! hahaha, it's damn painful! But what to do? I don't know any better.

Yet somehow, through my stubborness and refusal to walk away, something will happen. Either an opportunity will unexpectedly arise, or someone else will give me a brilliant idea, or I suddenly find something that gives me inspiration.

It seems as though the stubborn stand I take is enough to attract solutions from outside myself. Amazing!

I don't possess wide knowledge or business acumen, and I know I have heaps to learn. But knowing that my sheer determination and will power can make things happen gives me great hope. It can only get better. This is so exciting!

Ok, better get back to the book!


Blogger jingwei said...


bang the brickwall until your head aplodes, only that by then you'll notice it's the wall, and not your hear that wouls have as-ploded.

2:13 AM  

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