Monday, May 01, 2006

They made it!

Yay! Some news to celebrate : our graduate Rae just got a six month contract at Leo Burnett! How did he get it? It certainly wasn't luck - he had the guts to create his own opportunity. I'm not surprised that Yasmin was impressed. Ok, I'm not going to say anymore, it is HIS story to tell - if you know Rae, go ask him.

Another graduate Daniel has already been working for a couple of weeks at Rapp Collins (last I heard, he was struggling to learn QuarkXpress, my fav software! hehehe )

Congratulations guys, I know how hard you both worked to make it happen.

Now work even harder!
(heheh, I'm the evil fairy today)


Blogger Azraai said...

Kak Yasmin was really nice, although I can't help but wonder a comment she said about my name.
Yasmin : nama penuh ape?

Me: nama penuh saya Shaikh Muhammad Azraai, Kak Yasmin, tapi kalau pendek Rae.

Yasmin : eh, nama dah sedap jadi Rae! Bangga tau kalau nama dah sedap macam tu, tiba tiba pendek jadi Rae.

10:01 AM  
Blogger copywritingstudent said...

tu la, Rae... well, looks like you'll also be practising your Malay at LB! Bes kan?

8:15 PM  

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